How to Do Wax Painting


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This is a great artistic exercise using simple wax crayons, plain paper and black paint. The first stage consists of drawing a crayon picture and is followed by brushing over it with black paint. The resulting picture will have a black background wherever the paint rests, with the wax crayon drawing standing out. This is because the paint won’t stick to any spot drawn with crayon. Depending on how creative you feel, you will be able to make the most amazing pictures. It is great fun for young and old alike.

Things You’ll Need:

1- White lightweight card or strong paper; pale colors okay also

2- Black paint (children’s art paint is best)

3- Crayons

4- Paintbrush

5- Water to clean off paintbrush

6- Newspaper for covering painting surface

7- Imagination

1- Take a plain colored card paper – preferably white or some other very pale color. You could also use strong paper, as long as it can absorb paint without becoming too moist.


2- Get your wax crayons out. Arrange the colors that you’ll use for picture:


Light colored crayons are the best choice as they will stand out the most against the black.


Avoid using black, brown and navy blue altogether. They will not stand out against the black paint background.


3- Decide on your design or illustration. Perhaps sketch it out with an erasable pencil first, which you can then trace over with the crayons.


4- Draw the picture. Using the wax crayons, draw your picture, design or cartoon. If you want, you can even just write a message – great for a party or a sign.


5- Paint with black. After doing the crayon work, give a wash of black paint over the whole picture. The black paint color will not stick to the drawing done in wax crayons. Your picture, design or words should stand out boldly.


6- Hang to dry. Let the painting dry flat somewhere warm and airy. It shouldn’t take too long and then you can hang it up and admire it.



1- Make sure the crayon is is really thick, or the paint may stick.

2- Put down newspaper under the painting to avoid harming the surface you’re painting on.

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