The bright talented young artists from last year’s Dream Car Art Contest
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The Saudi edition of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest gained huge interest and gave a chance for children to showcase their artistic talents. The participating kids drew inspirational artworks illustrating how they envisage their future Dream Car. The contest was keen and out of the thousands of entries received the following nine winners were chosen, three from each age group.

Winners of Age Group 4-7

  1. Joud Majd Al Sayyaf
  2. Yahya Mohammad Fatayerji
  3. Aisha Saeed Haji

Winners of Age Group 8-11

  1. Muhammad Abdullah Kadri
  2. Mohammed Hussam Abdulalim
  3. Ahmed Musa Al Zailaia

Winners of Age Group 12-15

  1. Khaled Faran
  2. Osama Abdullah Barghouth
  3. Erica Joy Magnayon


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Contest Deadline

  • 22
  • 12
  • 4
  • 33